How it Works

Collect monthly donations from your most passionate fans.

$0 Platform fee, always

It costs nothing to use Fanbrew’s financial platform.
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Monthly Donations


Monthly giving provides
– Donor Flexibility
– Budget Efficiency
– Larger Lifetime Giving


One-time Donations


One-time donations
– Campaigns
– General Support
– Large Giving

What can you do with Fanbrew:

Common Questions

Fanbrew provides coaches with a simple, custom team checkout page to collect donations. Simply put, a digital cash register. You can send the link anywhere: on social media, in an email, or via text. Share it with the world and collect donations for your team. 

Furthermore, Fanbrew empowers subscription fundraising. Subscription fundraising allows donors to give on a monthly basis which provides flexibility for the donor and recurring revenue for the team.

Your checkout link is customized for your team: your colors, your logo, your name. With automated reporting, you can keep track of all your fundraising initiatives in one location.

Fanbrew delivers team funds directly to the linked bank account on file on the last day of each month. 

Yes. Fanbrew partners with some of the most trusted financial firms who use the most up-to-date encryption technology: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Stripe, and Chase Bank. 

Fanbrew doesn’t make money unless your team makes money. It costs nothing to use the Fanbrew platform. Donation fees vary by donation type, and are listed on our How it Works page. All donations will incur a processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents for credit card transactions. Example: $10 donation, $0.59 transaction fee, $1 Fanbrew fee = $8.41 deposited to team bank account.

Every team’s circumstance is different, but we’ve partnered with athletic directors and principals across the map who love Fanbrew and encourage their teams and coaches to raise money for their teams. A few benefits include:

  • Financial Streamlining: Money raised through Fanbrew never touches a coach’s hands. Funds are received from the donor and deposited directly into the team bank account. No handling checks, no recording cash, no room for error.
  • Financial Transparency: With automated reporting, athletic directors and principals can choose to receive the same financial reports as the coach. 

Anyone. Teams, activities, classes, programs, and more. You name it, we can help raise money for it. 

No. Donors have the flexibility to choose one-time or monthly for their donations. If monthly is chosen, donors will not need to renew and you will not need to send them monthly invoices. Their default card on file will be charged monthly and they will receive a receipt. Donors on a monthly plan can choose to revise/cancel at any time.